1. How many images are we going to get?

It’s difficult to give you an exact number since many conditions apply; a good rule of thumb for estimating is 80-100 photos per hour.

2. How soon will our photos be ready?

Depends on how busy we are and the type of photoshoot we are doing (weddings always take longer to edit); sometimes it can be within a week or two, or up to 4-8 weeks.

3. What is the best time for an outdoor photoshoot?

In south Florida, always better in the fall, spring or winter, summers are horrible with the humidity.

4. What’s the best time to have an outdoor wedding ceremony or photoshoot?

The most romantic lighting and soft ambiance is achieved about an hour before sunset. Check out a sunset calculator on Google to plan your day just right.

5. RAW or JPEG? How many megapixels?

We shoot in JPEG format because it takes up less space and less time to write them, therefore we can take more photos in less time, not missing a moment! We shoot between 10.5MPs to 21MPs.

6. Do you travel?

Absolutely, love to! Travel fees do apply; contact us with your travel/destination details.

7. What type of equipment do you use?

The best and greatest in digital Canon cameras and lenses.

8. What is your minimum coverage?

for weddings: 4 hours, engagements and other events: 2 hours

9. Do we have to sign a contract?

Absolutely, contracts protect both you and the photographers, it’s important to outline all of your needs and services to ensure the highest quality of professional service(s). All contracts require a 50% non-refundable retainer/deposit. (If an emergency should occur or things change, the deposit will allow you to move your wedding date, or apply the money towards another service).

10. When is my final payment due?

Two weeks prior to your event/wedding date. We will send you a reminder.

11. Do you offer payment plans or installment plans?

Yes, leading up to your final “day” all payments in full must be in by that date.

12. What happens after I book my wedding and send in the deposit?

There is a task list we will send you! Which includes sending in your “must have shot list,” a detailed itinerary of your big day, a meeting to review these details and answer any questions and finally a date to schedule your Pre-Shoot.

13. Can we see the fine print and the contract prior to making a decision?

Sure! Please email us and we will send you a copy.

14. Do you provide high resolution files?

We ONLY provide High resolution files! Read more about this here (High Resolution Files are for personal use only and cannot be sold for profit without our written permission).

15. Do you work with assistant?

Yes, most of the packages include assistant/2 photographers. In some cases a 3rd or 4th photographer can be added depending on your event size and needs.

16. Do you offer rehearsal dinner coverage?

Yes. This would be an add-on or event coverage, inquire about pricing.

17. Do you provide us with a DVD?

NO, you get a thumb drive, we are fancy! more info here (scroll down to the bottom of the pg).

18. What is basic editing vs. any sort of “photo-shopping?”

Basic editing is like batch editing - red eye correction, skin tonal corrections, lighting adjustments (brightness/contrast) etc. or running a filter like black & white or sepia. Photo-shopping beyond that is not included in our standard packages, but can be added for photos that are obstructed or need greater editing, for example: that crazy kid jumped in the frame! Remove him!! Or that tree came out of nowhere please fix. Etc. we can address these individual concerns if we ever come across them.

19. Do you offer Albums?

We are working hard on this option; we will be offering high end albums, coffee table books and many other memorable items soon! At this time we are able to provide you with DVD slideshows with music and thank you cards, visit here and here

20. How many outfits should I plan to bring to my/our shoot?

As good a rule of thumb is 1 outfit per hour, unless you are a professional model and know how to work your angles without practice and can run through several outfits with excellent performance, its best to aim for 1/hr.