Investment: Weddings & Engagements


We offer 4 different Bridal Packages, from 4 hours to 15 hours.
All packages includes high resolution photos with standard* editing and
2 photographers (except for the Impressionism).

{ Packages }

Victorian: Elegant & Grand (10 hours)
Modernism: Chic & Contemporary (6 hours)
Impressionism: French Garden style (4 hours)
Maharani: Fit for a queen (15 hours-4day; Indian)

*Custom packages can be created, please contact us to build your own.
Get discounted when adding a engagement session, Pre or Post Portraits, rehearsal dinner, bridal brunch, or bridal shower coverage contact us for details.

{ Pre Shoot }

{ Edits }

{ Hi-Resolution Photos }

All of our bridal packages include what we
call the Pre-Shoot. We arrange an hour
one week prior to your big day, to come
to your home or location of choice, to
capture all the details. This includes: the
shoes, the dress, the jewelry, invitations
(which sometimes are nowhere to be
found on the day of!), to flower baskets,
handmade favors, rings and anything or
detail you treasure!
We feel that this 1hour pre-shoot is a moment
savior! Instead of waiting until the
day of the wedding rush, we take the time
to give All the little things that make your
day special, the attention they deserve.
This also allows us to concentrate better
on capturing the precious moments in the
bridal/groom suites.
All of our photos are batch processed and
edited. Meaning, they are run through
filters for color, light, saturation, red eye,
skin glare etc. then, they are manually
cropped, and the best angles are chosen.
Finally, we sort through all of the photos
and export only the best, this is to ensure
you get a finished work of art from your
final photo.
It is a new ERA! All of our packages include
the final set of hi resolution images!
We do not charge you extra for them, it is
included in your package. Provided on a
thumb drive in a personalized gift box. No
two boxes are alike, they are hand made!
We do not try to sell prints in order to
somehow slip in the price of the hi res
photos. We have embraced the new age
digital era, where we understand the
need to have flexibility with your digital
photos. This is why we chose to include
it in your package, along with a copyright
release form that will allow you to print
them on your own. Although we have
partnered with various vendors to provide
you with the best rates and support
in printing your precious photos & gifts.
We will be happy to guide you through
the process and assist you to the end.

Additional Services

{ Indian Bridal Henna }


We are also happy to offer Full Indian Bridal Henna services. We have FIVE customized bridal packages for you to choose from!

Please visit our partner website at for more information, you can also Contact Us directly.

{ Personalized Delivery }


Thumb Drives and Hand Crafted Packaging

Hand painted and hand crafted boxes with your personalized thumb drive.
Photos and case to last you forever, a show-piece in itself. Each box is a unique piece of artwork.