Slideshows + Compilations:


Priya + Sanket | Engagement

"Priya and Sanket met through mutual friends in college. They instantly clicked over the big screen TV and their equal love - borderline obsession - for the TV show Friends! Having practically memorized all 10 seasons and 236 episodes, they began a new journey to watch them ALL OVER AGAIN, together. Over dinner and laughs they revisited each episode and in the end, two friends fell in love. Two years later, Mr. Sanket Mapped out a timeline on the floor of his apartment using tickets and tokens, starting with the parking stubs from the day they met to the receipt from their first dinner and movie. In the end their episode ended with a romantic breathtaking proposal."




Mr. & Mrs. Jeanty | Thank you

A perfect way to take all of your photos and create a Digital Thank You, rather than sending Thank You Cards. Also a memorable piece that will last a lifetime.




Irene + Carlos | Engagement

"Irene the green eyed Italian and Carlos the green eyed Argentinean met on a warm spring day...Irene found herself peering out the window from her desk and noticed the new contractor assessing the landscape design. She tried not to stare, and blushed as he came by and noticed her day after day. As time went one, smiles turned to giggles and giggles to laughter and dates. It was obvious that there was love in the air! Their little story had to be shared. In time Carlos introduced little Jenny, his daughter age three. And so the happy couple became a jolly trio, to become a family officially in the summer of 2011."



Sara + Tareque | Engagement

"Sara and Tareque met long ago in the big apple, she was only 14 and tried not to like him! She continued to turn him down and flirt with his best friends instead! One day Tareque posing as one of his friends caught Sara's interest only for a moment. In hopes of getting rid of him once and for all she gave him a chance but tried to be mean...which failed indeed! After six months of dating, Sara's family moved to Florida. He worked hard to pay for visits every three months. Finally in her senior year of high school, he surprised her by crossing the east coast through two days of travel, to be with his love, happily ever after.."



Sabrina + Kamrul | Engagement

"Like in a 90ís Hindi movie, Subrina and Kamrul caught glimpses at each other at social soirees and gatherings, steeling a shy smile, a timid glance and subtle hellos. Although the sparks were instant, their love didnít flourish and bloom until college. She studied pre-med and he studied food and resource economics. They of course made time, like a true Hindi movie, to sing and dance through the hallways of University of Florida! Although the backup singers and dancers refused to testify, we certainly have the proof of their fairytale Hindi movie love story here!"



Holiday Photography

"This year go beyond the ordinary photos and make (them/something instead of Ďití) extraordinary! Let us give your photos that extra magic, that holiday sparkle and make them a work of art. Get them framed or printed on Bookmarks, T-shirt, Cards, Wallet Cards, Journals, Bragbooks, Tote bags, Magnets, Hats, Mugs or a Digital Montage that you can upload to your Facebook, Youtube or mail CDís to your loved ones!"